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Rijk Zwaan, Co

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Rijk Zwaan, Co

Rijk Zwaan focuses on the development and sales of high-quality vegetable varieties and seed for professional growers in food-producing horticulture, be that in glasshouses or outdoors. The company belongs to the top 5 largest vegetable breeding companies in the world.
المنتجات والخدمات
Belief in differentiation There is an enormous diversity in cucumbers. For instance, we develop cucumbers of varying lengths, colours and skins. From mini to long and from smooth to prickly. Rijk Zwaan believes in further differentiation and continues to look for new opportunities. One very good...
المجموعة: الخيار
Fresh and industry Rijk Zwaan has cauliflower varieties especially suitable for different climate zones and seasons. In addition we distinguish between cauliflower for the fresh market and for the industry, each with their specific traits. For the industry this means, for instance, that we look...
المجموعة: القرنابيط. الملوّنة
 Various shapes Carrots are grown mainly outdoors, and on a limited scale in glasshouses and plastic tunnels. The product is often sold directly off-the-field but there are also varieties for storage during the winter: in huge cold stores or covered with straw out in the field. The types that are...
المجموعة: الجزر
Growing popularity Rijk Zwaan has a leading position in early white cabbage and red cabbage. Our storage varieties are gaining fast in popularity. We have varieties for the fresh market, varieties with specific traits for the processing industry and varieties that are suitable for both. With...
المجموعة: الكرنب
Versatile Gherkins are a versatile product simply because of all the different ways in which the fruit is to be found. For instance: gherkins can be eaten whole or they can be sliced or cut lengthwise. Then there are pickled gherkins: extra large gherkins that are regarded as a speciality in some...
المجموعة: الخيار
Shapes, colours and flavours Different markets require different types. There is the typically Hungarian pointed pepper, for instance, but also the flavoursome sweet pointed pepper and the tricolore, fruits that weigh around 90 g each. Then there are peppers in various types and sizes, like the...
المجموعة: الفلفل الحلو
Many usage aims Rijk Zwaan has tomatoes for various target groups and various usage aims. We have, for instance, extra small tomatoes that allow youngsters to eat them as sweets, but much healthier for them. Other tomatoes are specifically suited to be sold as truss tomatoes. We also have a...
المجموعة: الطماطم
Different ways Spinach has different ways in which it can be used. In the Far East, the product is stir-fried, in Europe it is usually cooked and in English-speaking countries spinach is often eaten raw. Because the latter is a growing market, Rijk Zwaan is working on specific varieties and types...
المجموعة: السبانخ
Excellent quality Rijk Zwaan develops varieties for not only the red, round type but also for the 'French Breakfast' type. To this end we focus on the various growing methods found around the world. Radish is grown in glasshouses and tunnels, and outdoors. Different markets require widely varying...
المجموعة: الخضروات الطازجة
Various shapes Our aubergine range consist of oval, round and cylindrical types alongside which we have also developed a number of specialities. Take for instance striped aubergines with very tasty white fruit flesh, and the Violetta type with its eye-catching streaked skin and white fruit...
المجموعة: الباذنجان


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